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Contracturally, I own few to none of the words or pictures that may appear on links from this page. These presentations are purely promotional for me (the author), and I am not directly profiting as a result of reproducing them in this manner.
Spec Ad Campaigns
Three campaigns that straddle traditional media, Web, and a targeted user group.
Wedding Collateral
A couple of splash pages for my wedding site and invitations I designed.
Micato Safaris
Three Press Releases and Itineraries
Grass Valley TrinixNXT Brochure
Interior 2,3
Interior 4,5
MTV Upfront Guide
My Super Sweet 16
The Real World
Pimp My Ride
Pass It On PR
Daisy May's Postcard
PUBLIC Postcard
Jimmy's Press Release
Candis Communications
Dream Hotel Press Release
Sapphire Inspired
French Culinary Institute
Email Promotion: Artisanal Bread
Navan Vanilla Infused Cognac
Recipe Development for Navan
Time Out New York
Jeff Probst Interview
Machinima Explained
The Legacy of H.B. Halicki's Gone In 60 Seconds (The Original)
Review of Sportbrain
TONY Game Reviews
Serious Sam
Israel Export Institute Press Release
Kosher Fest
Guitar One
Burden Brothers Interview
Lost Trailers Q & A
Trader Monthly
Fantasy Trader Week 6