Dream Hotel is a swanky midtown hotel near Times Square with two super-chic nightspots.

Rm.Fifity5’s Door Opens At Dream Hotel
New Lobby Lounge Brings Sophisticated Nightlife To Midtown

New York City, April 2007—Nightclub entrepreneur Ric Addison is adding a new room to the Dream Hotel, and its door opens directly into midtown’s reinvigorated social life. Located in the main lobby of the Dream Hotel (210 West 55th Street at Broadway), Rm.Fifity5 Lounge opens May 11th with its own street entrance—a bay window overlooking West 55th Street.

Soon to be immortalized in the pages of the world's leading fashion magazines, Rm.Fifity5 will serve as the setting for some of New York's hottest parties, and the intelligent lighting, custom-built DJ outlet, and top-of-the-line sound system ensures that the party goes on late into the night.

A visual extension of the whimsical and vibrant Dream Hotel lobby, Rm.Fifity5 takes cues equally from nature and glamour. Designed by Jody Singleton, Rm.Fifity5’s 1,500 square-feet are bounded by a 35-foot wall mural of birch forest on one side and dramatic backlit moon above the bar.

Chandeliers handmade in New York by lighting designer Dorian Webb hang from bamboo plank ceilings, enhancing the motif. Webb’s chandeliers provide Rm.Fifty5 with opulent illumination, composed with Venetian blown glass ornaments accented by 24-karat gold, white gold, sterling silver, semiprecious stones, crystals, and silk flowers.

The dramatic bar is constructed with hand-scraped planks of Shiraz-colored Brazilian Angelim and topped with Maya Romanoff’s “Caviar” black glass beads. Five backlit, beveled mirrors add extra dimension to the space.

The blue-hued interior features custom-upholstered, oversized Edwardian chairs, while the sienna entryway includes Kamen majesty chairs, damask couches, and leopard-print closet chairs. These comfortable seating areas are the perfect vantage point to survey the lounge’s details and afford room enough to invite over an intriguing new face. An adventurous evening at Rm.Fifty5 just might inspire an invitation through another of Dream Hotel's doorways.