This is a set of three promotional emails I composed for the French Culinary Institute.
If you were to express interest in this class online, you'd find these in your "In" box
to encourage you to sign up. Naturally, one must avoid the "make lots of dough" puns.


#1  We give you the skill, you knead

American diners demand the handmade quality and taste of artisanal breads at finer restaurants and bakeries, and The Art of International Bread Making is our six-week Total Immersion course that will guide you directly from our kitchen into today’s job market.

With Chef Director Bread Program Hans Welker at your side in our well-appointed kitchen, you’ll learn both the science and art that is the foundation of artisanal bread making. In a comfortable class ratio of six students to each instructor, you’ll mix and shape dough from day one, as you master your control over this living organism. Finally, before you complete the 210-hour course, you’ll even develop and test your very own recipe!

Chef Welker brings 34 years of experience in Europe and America to his classroom, 12 of which were spent running his own bakery. A recent student raves about The FCI’s most sought-after new class, “Chef has a lot of knowledge. His ideas are fresh. He’s in contact with the industry and what’s happening.”

See what the buzz is about on April 12. Seats are filling up quickly.

If you have any questions, email us at


#2  Your career’s on the rise

Following six weeks at the The French Culinary Institute, you’ve mastered the baguette. You’ve conquered the ciabatta. And you’ve even developed your own unique bread recipe. What can you do once you leave our world-class kitchens? Anything you want.

By completing The Art of International Bread Making, you’ll earn Le Diplôme du Boulanger from The FCI. From there, taking the next step towards a career creating beautiful breads for restaurants and exclusive bakeries is as easy as opening your front door. FCI Bread Program graduates are currently employed at Amy’s Bread, Danny Meyer’s Tabla and FCI alum Judith Norell’s Silver Moon Bakery in New York and French Laundry in Napa, California.

With an extensive network of alumni and two full-time placement coordinators, The FCI provides ongoing career assistance, no matter where the road takes you. Your new life as a bread maker begins April 12. Sign up today!

Please email us at if you have any questions.


#3    Join the upper crust

In just a short time, The Art of International Bread Making has become one of The FCI’s most sought-after career courses. Currently, space is limited, and we would like for you to join us. The FCI offers its students a unique combination of world-class facilities and a distinguished faculty of master chefs. And we're located in the city that offers job opportunities at the country’s finest restaurants. Class begins Monday, April 12. We hope you share our commitment to the art, business and love of cooking. Reserve your space today!

Class begins at 8:30am Monday, April 12. Reserve your space today!

Sign up for The Art of International Bread Making here or download an application.