Here's a straight-up press release that I did as a one-off. I don't get the opportunity to do many of them, but I can do it when needed.

Israel Export Institute Hosts Fine Foods of Israel at Kosher Fest 2005
As gourmet food consumption increases, diverse offerings from Israel are poised to grow in American marketplace.

November 2005, NEW YORK – On November 15 and 16, thousands of international attendees at the 17th annual Kosher Fest will have the opportunity to sample the latest gourmet foods available from Israel at the Israel Export Institute’s Fine Foods of Israel showcase at booth 67.

Opening doors for companies in export sectors from agriculture to telecommunications, the Israel Export Institute promotes Israeli businesses throughout the globe by facilitating communication with foreign business partners and conducting seminars and conferences to highlight Israeli products. Within the food and beverage sector, the Israel Export Institute has identified top quality manufacturers and banded them together under the banner of Fine Foods of Israel to further promote the region’s emerging products in the gourmet foods market.

According to an August study from the market research publisher, Packaged Facts, one-fifth of American adults consider themselves to be gourmet consumers, and last year the gourmet food and beverage industry topped $41.2 billion in sales. American consumers have been well aware of the quality breads, crackers and spreads–like hummus and tahini–coming from Israel, but the Israel Export Institute is utilizing the forum of Kosher Fest 2005, the largest and most important event in the kosher foods industry, to emphasize a wide range of other high-end gourmet products.

“Today, the term ‘kosher’ not only designates that a food product has been produced under strict observance of religious law but that it has been created with the highest standards of quality and packaged with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure freshness,” says Ms. Michal Neeman, Executive VP, Food and Beverages, Israel Export Institute.

In Feburary, 2005, Israeli cheeses were featured for the first time at the renowned Artisanal Cheese Center in New York City, where the Feta-style, Dutch-style and sheep cheeses received rave notices from The New York Times and Santé magazine. At Kosher Fest, attendees will have the opportunity to sample European-style cheeses as well as handmade chocolates, honey, olive oils, pastries and highly regarded wines from dozens of food manufacturers.

In America, kosher foods have a built-in market, as 15 to 20 percent of Jewish families keep kosher. However, the growth potential for kosher foods is considerable, because as a study by global research organization Mintel shows, 55 percent of shoppers purchase kosher products because they believe them to be safer and healthier. “Kosher foods have grown in popularity, even in non-kosher households, because consumers understand that the designation is an important symbol of excellence,” adds Ms. Neeman.

Despite having a culinary history of 3,000 years, many Americans have only begun to scratch the surface of Israeli gastronomy. Thanks to the influx of new kosher products introduced by the Israel Export Institute at Kosher Fest, consumers will soon discover that Israel is much more than just the land of milk and honey.

The Fine Foods of Israel showcase will be held at booth 67 at Kosher Fest at the Jacob K. Javits Center. Kosher Fest hours are 10am - 5pm on Monday, November 15; 10am - 4:30pm on Tuesday, November 16.