Traditional Media – Department of the Treasury, "Cash"

This campaign features three print ads and a :30 spot script that promote the use of cash money over debit and charge cards. By slightly altering some iconic images and phrases, the consumer reflects on the cultural losses we'd face as a "cashless society."
Web Media – ESPN, Sponsor(s), and Snapfish, "ESPN Smack-O-Gram"
This is a multisponsor opportunity for ESPN to leverage its database of sports imagery. Users send personalized e-cards to friends and family who favor rival sports teams or fantasy sports opponents with friendly jabs known as "smack talk," which has been popularized by blogs, fantasy sports websites, and personalities like Jim Rome. A second partnership with a company like Snapfish would provide an additional option of sending an actual card, for a fee.
Print Ad – Tide "White"
Just an idea that popped into my head one day.